Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greatest Family V Fantasy Football League

Congrats to "Jeff Saturday 4Prez"

...and their team captain Katie Matis for winning the 5th installment of the Greatest Family Fantasy Football League. Maybe next year, I will leave the draft in the middle and have my dad draft the rest of my team too.

But as it turns out, KT had proven to have the best team as she was the #1 see going into the playoffs. Things started out bleak for KT with a week 1 loss to the hands of Luke and the "Freaks of Nature".

Wait, the F.O.N. only had 2 wins on the year and one was against KT. That should be a fine just like losing to Average Joes.

Speaking of Average Joes, they had their best year ever with 4 wins (Liam, Chad, Luke, and of course Dog during rivalry week. Im not sure Average Joe's thinks that is much of a rivalry, as they beat them every year.) And if a couple things went their way, had an outside shot of making the playoffs, HA!

I wanted to give everyone a breakdown of the payouts as well. Going to do things a little different that I think everyone will like and be OK with. I probably should have put this out there at the beginning of the year but.......I just now thought of it.

Tournament Champ - $60 - Trophy with name engraved

Tournament 2nd place - $20

Aunt Connie Division Champ - $10

Aunt Janie Division Champ - $10

A win during Rivalry week - $5

This makes the regular season a little more interesting and makes Rivalry week much more interesting than it already is.

See you all next year! Or at least until we see each other again.

I love you all,



Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy is Back!!

Exactly what we have ALLLLLL been waiting for!  The return of football brings the return of the Matis Fantasy League, and we definitely have some updates for ya.

This year also brings the return of the hated arch-rival of
Not Last Again (managed by Dog)....


[Sidenote] For Da Love of Ray-J is taking a leave of absence this year as they are nurturing an addition to the organization.  A year off may be the right move and they just might come back to the league with a new team name!  We wish them the best of luck!


Last night, we celebrated Andrew James Matis's 2nd 21st birthday with Pot Roast Nachos, Brownies and the drawing for the draft order.  (Over 75% of the league was present, so those of you who weren't there....too bad).

And here is the draft order from 13 to 1:
13. Liam - The Arrrgh Matis!
12. Luke - Freaks of Nature
11. Colleen - Colleen T (reeeeeeal creative)

10. Chad - 3 Knuckled Squirrel
9. Heather - Header
8. Micky - Redeem Team
7. Sammy - the butt itchers
6. Andy - [name has yet to be entered]
5. Michael - 2wenty 2wo's
4. K.T. - Jeff Saturday 4Prez
3. Willie & Ash - Greenwood Rattlers
2. Dog - [name has yet to be entered]
1. Plain Gma - [name has yet to be entered,
                         most likely - Gridiron Grandma]
Good luck to all, and see you on Sunday - 4pm is grub time, draft immediately after!
By the way, the dinner is a "going away" dinner for Micky Matis and a "get the heck out of our house" dinner for Andy Matis.  Spicy Meat & Pork Tenderloins will be served. #lovin
Love you all,


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ata boy Micky! Congrats. Touche. Good Job. Way to go. Other positive comments.

We all knew you had it in ya, seriously. Glad you got it to come out.

I feel a couple summer battles coming on.



Monday, April 11, 2011

Celeb Look-a-like

I can say with 100% confidence that Micky wouldnt shoot an 80 on Sunday at Augusta

I just hope someday he can shoot an 80, anyday at Shank


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, Vegas buh?

So far, March has had several surprises. Penn State making the final game in the B1G championship game. Alabama and Colorado getting snubbed by the NCAA. And Andy Matis getting woken up by the beloved Aunt Janie with the news that he too shall be joining us in Sin City. #lemoneveryminuteofit.

If you wanna find me, Ill be at: Black Jack/craps/3 card poker table, Caesar's sports book, or throwing coins in the Bellagio fountain wishing that the Denny's down the street was a Waffle House.




Monday, February 28, 2011